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Customise and style areas on map

This video How to edit and style the existing mapview will mention the basic editing areas on map.

Export customised map data in various formats

This video Will mainly introduce how to export data from a layer on a mapview, and customise data fields and formats when exporting.

Filter data on map in real-time

This tutorial video will introduce how vMAP Colour Filter calculates and filters data shown on map in real-time by different data types and calculation modes.

Plan service area for a specific location

In this video, VMAP's area generation feature, Created Radius, can help you with many problems.


Can I use Bing/Google/OSM or other maps as the background map in vMAP?

Yes, you can use various kinds of Map Providers in vMAP. You can choose from preconfigured Providers for OSM, HERE, Google and Bing, or use a generic WMS provider.


How can I purchase/pay/subscribe vMAP service? What payment methods do you offer?

vMAP accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and (upon request) wire transfer and invoice.

To arrange authorisation for payment by wire transfer and for further payment information, please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected] .


Can I share the mapview to others?

Yes, vMAP allows the function of sharing mapview. The system generates a URL when you click on the Share Mapview button in vMAP. Then send the URL to anyone.

Visitors with this URL link can be managed with different rights, e.g. only view, or edit etc.


Does vMAP accept feature requests

Yes, of course! Please do not hesitate to inform us about your great ideas. The vMAP product roadmap is always introducing inventive concepts to enhance and empower the user experience. We’re always glad to hear from users!

Data security

Is it secure to put my data on the vMAP server?

Yes, vMAP hosts the servers in the data center on dedicated instances, which are isolated and secured against internet cyber-attacks.